Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Belts and batteries

A month or so later after getting the new engine in and the rockers replaced, as well as the exhaust welded up, I took it back to Mintech ( for a check up to make sure it was all settling down well enough. I've complained a little bit of low power issues and the car cutting out on long journeys, but nothing stood out as the main issue. As a matter of course, being a replacement engine for me, the lads decided to check and change the alternator/supercharger belt for me.

It didn't take long and they didn't even take off the wheel liner.  Clever chaps.

In the meantime I cheekily stuck a love:mini sticker on Tony Lynch's MINI Challenge race car that was in the garage.

Mintech's main mechanic, Martin, loves to jest and tell me how rubbish my car is and that I should buy something proper. He's just fed up that I keep coming back to make him fix things! Haha.

Current analysis
So with that in mind, he says to me the first thing I need to do is get a new battery, as the current one looks like the original one from 2004! A poor battery or poor electrical current could cause all sorts of issues, so it is important to have a strong current flowing.

Having worked with Minis for a while, I recalled a great battery company I'd used before called Odyssey ( I did some research and found that they do have a battery suitable for my MINI's battery box - the PC1230 - and that they are much more reliable and enduring than standard batteries using more plates and no hazardous liquid - the are solid state batteries. They do cost a little extra, but they perform better and last longer... so it pays for itself in the long run. For battery it looks pretty cool too.

So I took the plunge and ordered one, safe in the knowledge that Martin wouldn't be able to blame this part of my MINI for anything. A few days later I hear a lorry coming up my rural street...

It turns out it was JUST carrying my battery...

On this tiny pallet!

But look at it - it's RED and shiny. It fits well and looks the part, it's a shame it makes the rest of the rear look so grotty and in need of a clean up. However, we all know it's not how something looks... but I will get around to it.

So battery sorted, would this fix the power issues? Unlikely, but it's best to have a solid base and know the electrical current it strong and consistent. Then we can get a better read of the condition of other components as we track down the problems.

Mintech Spares

Odyssey Battery

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