Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Boost my acceleration!

Is your MINI feeling a bit sluggish? Wanting quicker acceleration from standing and on hill starts? Well Sprint Booster could be the answer for you!

This handy plug & play device fits straight to your accelerator pedal and offers an instant performance improvement to your car.

Our friends at Wheel and Tyre Outlet - have supplied us with a device to test and share with you. 

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For the record we have this installed on our MINI and it does work! Even garages have said that it shifts quicker than most other MINIs of its type. 

Other people will say that for the money, you might as well get the car tuned and remapped. Of course this is an option too. In fact, you could remap the car and then add this device for even sharper acceleration.

You know all the new MINIs have the Eco, Normal, and Sport modes. Well this device kinda does the same thing (well, partially). With this you have Normal acceleration (standard car settings), Medium acceleration, and Full acceleration, and you can switch between them with a push of a button.

The device works by attaching to the module behind the accelerator pedal and sending increased acceleration signals to the ECU. This means you will accelerate faster for the same amount of pedal travel. From what I understand, it also means you will reach maximum acceleration before the pedal reaches the floor too.

Here's how to install it.


So here is the box with the device inside. 


Here is what you get. Instructions; sticker; sprint booster device; control cable.


Firstly, you need to get access to the back of the accelerator pedal. Using a flat-headed screwdriver, insert it into the hole (shown above) on the accelerator bracket. This unlocks the pedal from its bracket.


Once the catch has been released, slide the pedal sideways to remove it from its bracket.

And the pedal comes out like this.


Here we see me holding the Sprint Booster module and showing you where it will connect to on the side of the accelerator pedal.

Disconnect the original module on the accelerator pedal by pinching the sides (as shown) and pulling.

Here it is disconnected. 

Find the end of the Sprint Booster module that fits into the original module wiring.

Connect the Sprint Booster module by pushing the connector in firmly.

Connect the other end of the Sprint Booster module to the pedal.

Get the control cable.

Connect this into the Sprint Booster module as shown.


Refit the pedal by sliding it back on to its bracket until it clicks and feels secure.


Run the control cable tidily up to your dashboard, peel of the backing paper and stick it in your place of preference. Alternatively, you can set the accelerator at any of the settings and then remove the control cable. The Sprint Booster will save the last setting you chose and apply that until you change it again with the control cable.

When the light on the button is not lit, standard factory acceleration is chosen. One push of the button changes it to yellow, which is the Medium acceleration option. A second push of the button changes the light to red, which is Maximum acceleration.

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