Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Joining the MOGgers

I've had my MINI, Charlie, for a little while now and haven't really styled it in anyway. Having hung around on the forums and groups for a while on social media, I like the look of the stickers from the MINI Owners' Group (MOG), and have seen a fair few on cars at shows. 

When you register - for free - you can pick your own number (if available) and buy a variety of stickers with your unique id.

They are made and sent out in batches so can take a couple of weeks to be received, but they are good quality and look the business. So on a day off I thought I'd go and stick it on. 

I've chosen the A-pillar to contrast with the white lettering. 

It's pretty simple, give the area a clean. Then dry it. 

Flatten out your sticker using a credit card or something similar. 

Trial fit it into position to see exactly where you want it. 

Peel off the backing paper slowly, ensuring none of the lettering comes off with it. 

This is the important part. Hover the sticker over the position you want it. Then slowly place one part of the sticker into position. 

Once you are sure it is lined up correctly and there are no air bubbles caught underneath the piece you have placed, then you can slowly start flatten out the rest of the sticker. Try to do this smoothly, and you can use the credit card again to help eliminate bubbles.

Once it is all flattened down it is fixed in place. You can't change it now. Slowly peel off the front paper and take a deep breath. Now is the moment of truth. Is it lined up? For me, the answer was...  not quite. But not that noticeable. Make sure you do a better job!

I did a little experiment on the headlights too. Using some electrical tape I created some eyelids. However, despite initially looking ok, electrical tape shrinks, so after a while it looked a bit crap.

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