Friday, 2 February 2018

Horn blowing and sticker fit

As I mentioned in the previous entry, the broken window regulator has allowed the rain to get through the window and on to the steering wheel. A few days later the horn stopped working. Whether this was related or just a coincidence, who's to say?

So I thought the simple option would be to replace the fuse, so I tried that (after locating the fusebox). Silly me didn't realise there were two fuseboxes - one in the engine bay and one in the passenger footwell. Once I'd identified the fuse - quite easy because it had blown - I swapped it out for a replacement one of the same resistance. I tried the horn, and it worked... for a moment.

As I kept pushing it it started to make a funny noise and then died again. I pulled out the new fuse and it had blown. So I tried again, with the same result. I was stumped. On the upside, lots of roadusers would now not be beeped at by me... something I struggled with in the following months!

Another quick job was to put some new stickers on the MINI. I had not long met up with the people from North West Minis and bought a sticker from them which I hadn't applied yet. Also, with the engine upgraded to a JCW unit I wanted the JCW badge on the rear so picked one of those up from Mintech.

I always get a bit nervous before doing stickers as they have to be perfect. I cleaned the car and lined everything up. Fortunately it all went well and they were fitted straight!

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