Friday, 9 February 2018

Accessorise... eyes and flag.

This time around I'm just adding a few bits to the MINI to personalise it. 

Initially I had used some electrical tape to create some headlight eyes, but these shrank, so I asked a friend Emz Dilligaf to knock some up for me which she kindly did. 

Elsewhere I had a CB radio aerial in the shed which I'd dug out and decided to stick on the car roof to make it look like a remote controlled car... zoom zoom. But it looked a bit plain and bare on its own, so I bought some cheap pirate flags from eBay and sewed them on to the aerial.

Some black vinyl on the headlights give the car the 'eyelid' look.

 Underneath the bonnet Emz Dilligaf also knocked up some eyes for me. Look good don't they!

When the flags arrived for the CB aerial they weren't a tight fit, so I pulled out the sewing kit and made it secure.

And here's the end result. It certainly gets attention!

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