Monday, 12 February 2018

Panda Power!!!

A couple of years ago, when Hamish Brandon was storming the driver's standings in the MINI Challenge we approached him about getting some rather cool panda stickers he had on his race car. The legend that he is sent them to us and they have been hanging around the house ever since.

Finally we got them fitted when we attended the Brands Hatch Mini Festival last year.

The man who actually made the stickers, and sponsors the MINI Challenge, Simon Rackham with his company Sign It (, was there with his family... and so I had to politely drag him away to come and fit them to our MINI. What a top bloke.

First of all I had to give the car a wash!
The 300 mile journey from Lancashire had covered the car in crap, and you certainly don't want that underneath the stickers eating away at the paintwork!


Simon and his helper (or is it his supervisor?!) get to work. Lining up the sticker and the backing paper off, he carefully sticks the panda in place.

Using a credit card or similar he flattens the sticker to ensure there are no bubbles of trapped air underneath.

Looking good. The top sheet now comes off.

Again, using a credit card or similar (wrapped to prevent damage), he carefully pushes any air bubbles out and flattens the edges.

Using a scalpel (yes!) he carefully pops any tiny air bubbles left on the sticker before flattening them.

And we're done. Looking ace and very happy owner!
Cracking job by Simon, and highly recommended.

Find him at:

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