Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Exhausting R53!

If you've read previous entries you will have seen that I noticed a hole in one of the backboxes a while ago. At first it was cool, the noise made it sound better than it was, but after a while I was losing power and the car became sluggish. It wouldn't have passed the MoT, so it would have needed replacing anyway.

My best friends down at Mintech let me know they had a loud exhaust they were taking off the boss's wife's car as it was too loud for her - perfect for me then! So once they'd taken it off the other car I popped down to the yard to get it fitted.

 It was a beautiful sunny day at Mintech.

A standard exhaust for the boss's wife.

And the loud exhaust that I am inheriting.

Well it's all in one piece without any welding on it, so it is already better than my current exhaust.


So let's look at the current hole in the exhaust. My, that has grown quite a lot over the past few months! Crikey!

With the old exhaust off, I thought I'd have a look inside the front part of it. Here you can see the sensor sticking out.

Have you ever seen inside an exhaust backbox? Me neither, so I ripped it open with a screwdriver. Looks like a load of wigs have been stuffed in there!

Proper job (in a West Country accent!). Welded to within an inch of its life, ha! A threaded bolt welded on adds support to stop the old exhaust breaking everytime I ramp it over a hill or bridge! Oh and a load of gun gum. Well thankfully that's all in the bin now!

Mop-top Martin whinges about one of my exhaust hangers being almost broken and the fact the tailpipes don't fit neatly into the rear bumper aperture. Just get your spanners on it and fix it Martin!

 So let's have a listen

Standard MINI exhaust

My old exhaust with a hole in the backbox

New Toyosports exhaust (pop pop!!)

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